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The Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise (ISFE) is pleased to announce our 2021 Summer Faculty Research Grant Program is now accepting applications. Please apply via the portal by Friday, June 4, 2021.


The Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise is dedicated to understanding the role that markets play in the economy and in society. The Institute’s mission is to generate intellectually rigorous research and an open dialogue to discover and understand how free enterprise affects peoples’ lives and the well-being of society.

Annual Report

ISFE 2019-2020 Annual Report

Current Research

Did COVID-19 Change Life Insurance Offerings?

Timothy F. Harris, Aaron Yelowitz, Charles Courtemanche

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Targeting Intensive Job Assistance to Ex-Offenders by the Nature of Offense: Results from a Randomized Control Trial

Christopher R. Bollinger, Aaron Yelowitz

Abstract: As many as two-thirds of newly-released inmates will be arrested for a new offense within three years. This study evaluates the impact of job assistance on recidivism rates among ex-offenders.

In the News

The CTpost published ISFE Affiliate's Op-Ed on work scheduling laws.

The Morning Consult published an op-ed by Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise director, Chuck Courtemanche, Mike Pesko, and Catherine Maclean, regarding how to beat the tobacco smoking epidemic.

The Denton Record-Chronicle reported on the new study Chuck Courtemanche, Aaron Yelowitz, Ron Zimmer, & Anh Le, showing that resuming in person learning at Texas schools last fall accelerated spread of COVID-19.

The University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information is producing a new podcast pioneered by UK students Trace Williams, Michael Morgan and Trevor Payne. The podcast, “Breaking the Boundary,” emphasizes the need to shift the focus of unsolved global issues to a solution-oriented approach.


ISFE is funding the students to produce this new podcast.

Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise affiliate, Aaron Yelowitz is quoted in this recent California Healthline article by Anna Almendrala.

Most Recent Video

Coronavirus Economics #7: New study shows government restrictions are stopping COVID-19.

Dr. Charles Courtemanche explains his latest study published in the Health Affairs journal about the effect of stay-at-home orders, business closures and other government measures in the spread of COVID-19.