Faculty Research Day

September 07, 2018

12:30pm – 2:30pm

Gatton 127

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Presenters Include:

Will Gerken & Chris Clifford
Associate Professors in Finance
Investment in Human Capital and Labor Mobility: Evidence From a Shock to Property Rights

Frank Scott
Professor in Economics
Wal-Mart Supercenters and the Rate of “Inflation”: The Effect of Wal-Mart Entry into Local Grocery Markets on the Consumer Price Index

Jim Fackler
Professor in Economics
Empirical Alternatives to Current Monetary Policy Rules: Nominal GDP and Price Level Targets

Felipe Benguria
Assistant Professor in Economics
Dissecting the Impact of Trade on U.S. Inequality

Mark Liu
Associate Professor in Finance
Can Mergers and Acquisitions Internalize Positive Externalities in Funding Innovation?

Su Troske, Sookti Chaudhary
Research Assistant, PhD Student in Economics
Ambulance Service Ownership and Management: How it Affects Efficiency of Service Delivery for Medicare Patients

Igor Cunha
Assistant Professor in Finance
Can Credit Rating Agencies Affect Election Outcomes?