ISFE’s Faculty Summer Research Grant Program Winners

ISFE’s Faculty Summer Research Grant Program Winners
July 16, 2020

ISFE’s Faculty Summer Research Grant Program, which had a special emphasis this year on how free enterprise connects with COVID-19 and racial inequality, had a record number of proposals this year. 60% of proposals received some level of funding, with the award amounts divided between $15K, $10K, and $5K. Funding decisions were based on independent scores from the ISFE director and two anonymous reviewers. The recipients are:


  • Leonce Bargeron and Russell Jame, “Quantifying the value of in-person investor relations: Evidence from COVID-19 travel cancellations”

  • Aaron Yelowitz (UK), “How Important are Racial Disparities in COVID-19? Evidence from 6 Large Cities”

  • Ken Troske (UK) and Paul Coomes (Louisville), “Impact of the COVID-19 Virus on Kentucky”

  • Chris Clifford (UK) and Will Gerken (UK), “Trust and Race: Evidence from the Market for Financial Advice”

  • Michael Pesko (Georgia St.), “Effect of E-cigarette Age Restriction Laws on Tobacco Use”


  • Patrick Walker (UK), “The Effect of COVID-19 on African American and Minority Participation in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Socio-Economic Impact Case Study of Lexington/Fayette County Kentucky”

  • Igor Cunha (UK) and Paulo Manoel (UK), “The Real Effects of Politicians' Compensation”

  • Darshak Patel (UK), “The Impact of Relative Performance Feedback and Scrutiny on Student Performance in Large Enrollment University Classes”


  • Marc Painter (Saint Louis U.) and Tian Qiu (UK), “Political beliefs affect compliance with COVID-19 social distancing orders”

  • Ben Ukert (Texas A&M): “The Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Racial Disparities in Emergency Department Use”

  • Guanyi Yang (St. Lawrence): “Race-Blind Policies in Business Cycle: Evaluating Racial Gap in Model of Labor Market Search-and-Matching”

  • Anita Lee-Post (UK): “Health, Economic, and Social Impact Assessment of COVID-19 Reopening Policy”