ISFE Fellows Application

What's your passion? Are you interested in public policy? Want to work in Washington D.C. one day? Do you like politics? economics? research? media? fundraising? or lobbying?
This is your chance to figure it out!

What is it?

The ISFE Fellows Program is a opportunity for UK students to participate in a two-day series of virtual seminar to connect with think tank leaders, congressional and executive branch offices, and public policy nonprofits to learn about internships and careers in their areas. 

What organizations will fellows have access to?

Some of the major think tanks and nonprofits you will get a chance to connect with for careers are the Heritage Foundation, Leadership Institute, Charles Koch Institute, and some congressional offices.

When is the program and in what format?

It will be a series of virtual meetings during the two days of Thursday October 22 and Friday October 23, after Fall semester midterms.

Who should apply?

All U.K. students are eligible to become an ISFE fellows whether they are undergraduate graduate, or law students. The goal of this program is to connect you with opportunities so you can have a more successful career, therefore, previous work experience is not required, only interest in getting involved in public policy and studying free market ideas.

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