Tax Policy Panel Discussion - January 22, 2019

I greatly enjoyed the panel, "Tax Reform at One Year: Are We Wealthier and Healthier?" hosted by the Institute for Free Enterprise. The panel itself was well balanced and I think it was effective how each panelist took time in the beginning to describe the aspects of the tax reform they would focus on in order to make the event more inclusive for undergraduates and other audience members not familiar with the reform. Overall, this event engaged many people in the University and the community as evidenced by the high attendance and it was an excellent installment in the ISFE's programming.
- Shelby Buckman, undergraduate in Economics 

Matt Wilson - February 25, 2019

From meeting Matt I got to ask some questions I had about grad school and was better able to consider paths that I had not before thought of. I also better knew what would be expected knowledge upon entering grad school so I feel like I would be better able to prepare myself before I ever chose to start class.
- Emily Dunlap, undergraduate

Matt's work is outside my field, but it was interesting to hear about how different his program is. They get six years of funding and have minimal assistantship duties. It gives me a lot more perspective when going to conferences and when I am on the job market. I may not have as many papers as someone from such a program, but I've shown I can balance a full teaching load while maintaining steady progress on research.
- Lauren DiRago-Duncan, PhD student in Economics

Matt was a great resource. He spent a lot of time giving us advice about how to prepare ourselves for graduate school through coursework, research projects, and additional preparation such as online coding classes. He was very receptive to any questions we had and provided insight into the decision to go to grad school, the pros and cons to working a few years between undergrad and grad school, and how to choose the program that will suit you the best. He was very open and honest, giving a very transparent look into the life of a grad student. If he's ever back on campus I would highly suggest holding another session for interested students at that time!
- Hanna Carlson, PhD student

Having the opportunity to meet with and learn from researchers from other universities is invaluable. It was a pleasure to get to know Matt and discuss his work around state business cycles and budget policies.
- Sam Ingram, PhD Economics student