Junto Discussion Group

"My economics education would not be of the same quality without Junto. The discussion group has facilitated some of the most intellectual, thoughtful, and inquisitive conversations I’ve had while at campus at UK. Junto also provides an opportunity to form genuine friendships among like-minded students. Compound all that with fascinating reading material and with some sharp economic brains, and you end up with a pretty incredible experience."
- Luke Schlake, undergraduate

"Junto has been one of the most intellectually engaging experiences of my college career. It is an environment in which freedom of thought is respected to the uttermost, enabling us to have frank discussions about important topics without the fear of retribution that characterizes so much of the rest of the college experience. I am very grateful for the conversations I have had and the great people I have met in this group. One of the most important topics we discussed this year was Thomas Sowell’s Conflict of Visions. We outlined the distinctions between the “constrained” and “unconstrained” views of the world, comparing and contrasting them with our own ideas and discussing their applicability in the realm of political economy."

- Caleb Waters, undergraduate

CEO Challenge

"It was nice recreation with low stakes of making us understand the decisions that go into improving businesses."

"The simulation was a great learning experience. I like that it was autonomous and hands off, with us getting to just be in the simulation and working with our teams."

"The simulation was incredibly impressive and was helpful to understand how business markets work."

"It was super engaging throughout: well paced, competitive, fun."