Undergraduate Student Programs

Kentucky Junto Discussion Group

The Gatton College formed the Kentucky Junto Club in the fall of 2016. Named for the original Junto started by Benjamin Franklin in 1727, the Kentucky Junto Discussion Group’s purpose is to engage students in an exploration of ideas and issues at the intersection of business, economics, and policy. The Junto Club meets five times per semester. ISFE Director, Dr. Charles Courtemanche, is the group facilitator. 

The readings and discussion are focused through the lens of market-based solutions to economic and social issues. Past topics have included the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, economic development of low income countries, fairness and markets, how to organize college sports, school choice, and pharmaceutical regulation.

Junto Club members for the spring 2023 semester are:

  • Charles Cains
  • William DuVall
  • Bradley Gaines
  • Tina Ho
  • Benjamin Johnson
  • Ruler Kalume
  • Aidan Kane
  • Joey Maier, Jr.
  • Eayly Ngy
  • Ana Clara Goncalves Sampaio
  • Luke Schlake
  • Paul Schlowak
  • Zack Sharief
  • Molly Tierney
  • Caleb Waters
  • Alex Whitworth